November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Turkey Pairings

The holiday season is quickly approaching, so prepare for your upcoming gatherings and feasts with this simple KORBEL California Champagne varietals and food pairings list.

  • Natural’: Serve this crisp aperitif before meals to stimulate everyone’s appetite for the bountiful banquet ahead.
  • Sweet Rosé: For finger-food holiday parties or with appetizers, serve glasses of this fruity champagne to complement tasty starters such as cheese, fruit and salsa.
  • Rouge: This rich champagne goes hand in hand with a meat lover’s meal. A glass of KORBEL Rouge will complement any red-meat dish or your prized poultry.
  • Chardonnay: This is the perfect wine to serve throughout a holiday meal. Pair with main courses such as seafood or pasta with cream-based sauces for a tasteful combination.
  • Extra Dry: For Turkey Day dinners that contain quite a kick, provide flutes of this light and luscious champagne to counter the flavorful spices in your featured dishes.
  • Sweet Cuvée: When serving light desserts such as fresh fruit and sorbet, pair the sweets with a glass of KORBEL Sweet Cuvée to top off a flavorful holiday celebration.