May 1, 2019

Three A-MAY-zing Ways to Spend Time Outside!

May is the perfect month to go exploring outside. We’ve escaped winter, but summer hasn’t fully begun yet. For ways to best enjoy this often idyllic month, take a look at these fun ideas from KORBEL!

Go hiking with friends! Spending the afternoon wandering through nature is a great way to both mentally and physically improve your health. These adventures get you out of the rut of everyday life and allow you to take a break from technology. And if you know there are going to be some gorgeous views, consider packing a few mini bottles of KORBEL to toast the great outdoors! (Be sure to check that the location permits alcohol, of course.)

This is a great time to start working on your garden. Plant some flowers and watch them grow! All you need is a flowerpot, some soil, and a packet of seeds! Set your potted plant outside in the sunshine and enjoy the blooms over the coming weeks. The best part about this project is that it isn’t over in one day. Rather, you’ll get to watch your flowers bloom and grow bigger as the weeks go by!

Host a small, outdoor get-together with friends after work. Hang bright string lights around your patio and sip some KORBEL California Champagne for a relaxing evening under the stars! For another outdoorsy touch, pour some Korbel from our “Aloha” bottle which features tropical blue and green leaves. This bottle is the perfect decoration for an outdoor soirée!