July 1, 2019

Three Novel Pairings for Summer 2019

Not only is summer the perfect time of year to crack open a new book, it’s also an ideal season to pop open a bottle of KORBEL! And no matter your literary taste, KORBEL’s got your taste buds covered. We’ve paired three of our KORBEL varietals with three popular beach-read genres, so whether you’re at the beach or the pool, you can’t go wrong (unless you spoil your book by reading the last page, of course…)


Swipe right on Rosé! If you’ve locked eyes with a flirtatious romance, pair it with KORBEL’s Sweet Rosé for a match made in heaven. With its sweet, fruity flavors, this varietal completes any love story—and it pairs particularly well with dark chocolate, strawberries, and cherries! So, whether your book’s lovers make it down the aisle or their relationship ends in a disaster, at least one of you will have gotten the rosé.


Hold on to your lounge-chair and get ready to leave your pool behind! If your summer-reading list includes an adventurous tale, you’re in for a wild ride. And naturally, a captivating book calls for a drink equally as effervescent, so don’t forget to pack a bottle of KORBEL Brut. Featuring lively citrus aromas and crisp orange, lime, and vanilla flavors, KORBEL Brut presents a bubbling blend of flavors that will take your taste buds on an adventure almost as captivating as that page-turner you just can’t put down.


People-watching from behind your sunglasses isn’t just an entertaining poolside activity; it’s also a secretive way to spy on suspects—if you’re a detective, that is. This summer channel your inner sleuth and bring a thrilling mystery to the pool. And to really set to mood for your dark tale, pack a bottle of KORBEL Rouge. This sparkling red wine features distinctive black cherry, strawberry and plum flavors—a combination that will only add to your mystery’s grim setting.