May 1, 2020

Throw a Virtual Shower With KORBEL

Let’s face it. Planning a shower takes time and effort—especially when friends and family live in different places. Don’t let the distance deter you, though. Virtual showers offer modern alternatives to in-person parties, and they can actually be just as fun and memorable. Many social media platforms and video-chatting services offer ways for guests to meet up online, and there are also “themed” websites specifically designed for hosting showers. For ways to make your virtual shower a hit, keep reading for some great ideas from KORBEL!


Just because your party is taking place online, doesn’t mean you should skip out on party decorations. Before the shower, send guests gift boxes that include fun decorations that they can easily hang up as a backdrop in their video. These could be as simple as colorful streamers and balloons or as detailed as party-specific backdrops. Matching decorations will make the get together feel more like a party. Plus, if you take screenshots, everyone’s party photos will match.

Food and Drink

Keep your guests fed by including snacks, such as personalized cookies, in their gift boxes. Or, for a fun party activity, include a simple cookie-decorating kit with icing so guests can make their own treat! Then add a mini bottle of KORBEL Brut so everyone can join in on a toast over the video—bonus points if you include festive straws or colorful cocktail napkins!


There’s plenty of room for entertainment at a virtual shower too. If everyone sent their gifts ahead of time, have your friend open them for everyone to see. Or, if guests haven’t sent their presents yet, invite everyone to show off what they bought. Both options are fun ways to engage guests and make everyone feel included.

At any shower, party games are a must, so keep the tradition going with digital quizzes or guessing games. Lots of websites offer fun party activities, but simple games like charades or trivia are always crowd favorites. You could even build up excitement for the shower by sharing a quiz or trivia question every week leading up to the party.