January 20, 2017

Tips for Throwing a PLN Watch Party

KORBEL® is excited to serve as an official sponsor of the 2017 Premio Lo Nuestro award show, which honors stars in Latin music through a stylish and nationally televised ceremony. Bring the glitz and glamour of Premio Lo Nuestro to your home by throwing a watch party for the show, which will air on Thursday, Feb. 23. Follow our tips below to get your home red-carpet-ready, and pop a few bottles of KORBEL to celebrate like stars.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Get your space geared up for your PLN watch party by placing a red carpet in your entryway to greet guests. Check out a fabric store to create your red carpet, which will amp up the award-show anticipation and make everyone feel like a celebrity.

Spice Up the Spread Selection

Reflect the glamour of the show through your cuisine by offering a fancy array of signature cocktails and desserts. Offer different types of KORBEL and flutes for guests to choose from to add some pop and fizz to the atmosphere. Step up your décor game by transforming plain chocolate-dipped strawberries into fashionable tuxedo fruits, for a stylish treat.

Paparazzi Photo Booth

Bring the paparazzi to your living room on a budget by creating a designated area for photos, poses and selfies. Cover a large section of a blank wall with one color, such as gold or red, for a background, and place props next to it, such as large photo frames, microphones, crowns, hats and oversized sunglasses. Position a camera at the appropriate height to snap pics of your guests all night long.

Vote for the Winners

Who says only the judges can determine the award winners? Establish a voting system for guests to choose their preferred victors by creating a printable ballot based on the award categories and nominees. Designate a guest to tally the results, and before the actual winners are announced, reveal your groups’ selections.