November 15, 2019

‘Tis the Season for Wrapping Presents

Have a never-ending shopping list on your hands this holiday season? If so, you probably know how easy it is to leave all that wrapping until the last minute. But with the help of a Present Wrapping Party, you’ll have a shopping due date plus a fun way to get your presents looking sharp. Just invite a few friends to bring over some of their gifts. Then spend the afternoon wrapping away. For ideas on how to make your Present Wrapping Party a hit, check out our tips.

  • Ask your friends to bring along a roll or two of jolly wrapping paper so that you never run low. Your gifts will look spectacular when wrapped in mix and matched paper. Plus, all those pretty designs will put everyone in the holiday spirit!
  • Set the scene with festive music. Because no holiday party is complete without some impromptu caroling. Maybe even set up a karaoke machine for those wrappers who are especially spirited singers.
  • Everyone loves holiday cocktails but keep things simple by making holiday punch instead. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed mixing tons of drinks. Our KORBEL Holiday Punch recipe is always a winter winner.


1 bottle of KORBEL Extra Dry
3 cups of cold ginger ale
2 tbsp orange liqueur
8 fresh basil leaves
30 frozen cranberries


1. Pour the KORBEL into a punch bowl. Slowly add in the ginger ale and the orange liqueur.
2. Add the basil and frozen cranberries (if using) or a few handfuls of ice.

  • Present-wrapping can make even the most seasoned elf hungry, so keep things jolly by having plenty of cookies nearby. Ask your friends to make a batch of their favorite holiday treats beforehand. Then they can share with everyone at the party. Leftover cookies also make great party favors. Just hand out paper plates so everyone can take home a few of their favorite desserts.