January 2, 2020

Win Game Night With Candy Garnishes and KORBEL

What’s not to love about game nights? A fun evening filled with friends and games galore, these get-togethers are always a blast. And if everyone brings a game, you won’t have to worry about keeping your guests entertained. Talk about an easy, fun-filled party! Keep your drinks simple and playful too with mini bottles of KORBEL and a bar stocked with candy garnishes. Offer everyone KORBEL and a flute, then let them garnish their drinks with sugary treats. You won’t have to worry about bartending, and your friends will love getting creative with both their garnish and board game strategies.

Sweet Cuvée + Cotton Candy Garnish

One of KORBEL’s sweeter varietals, Sweet Cuvée is the perfect California Champagne to be paired with cotton candy. Just grab a champagne flute and fill it partially with Sweet Cuvée. Then add a tuft of pink or blue cotton candy to the top for a photo-worthy drink. When you’re ready to enjoy, mix in the cotton candy and start sipping your sweet treat!

Brut Rosé + Rock Candy Garnish

Add some color to your Brut Rosé by dipping a stick of rock candy into your flute as a garnish. Offer your guests a few different candy flavors, then watch as everyone’s drink turns a vibrant color! Ever tried matching your drink to your outfit? Now’s your chance. Plus, your drink will immediately look 10x more glamorous with the addition of this crystal candy’s sparkle.

Brut + Candy Cane

Still have some candy canes lying around after the holidays? Use these sugary treats as garnishes for your glass of KORBEL Brut. Not only will you keep the holiday spirit going into the new year, but candy canes will add a refreshing pop of peppermint to your drink. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, crush up a few of the candy canes and let guests line the rim of their glasses with the peppermint.