Korbel Prosecco

absolutely crushable

Absolutely crushable because it’s fruity but super light and refreshing.

Gina Pace
Forbes.com - February 2020


Winemaker Challenge

2023 Gold | 90 Points

Los Angeles International Wine Competition

2023 Gold & Best of Class | 94 Points

Los Angeles International Wine Competition

2022 Silver

San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge

February 2021 Best Prosecco | Platinum | 94 Points

Tasting Notes


Prosecco DOC


100% Stainless Steel



Acid / pH

6.2 grams per liter / 3.0






KORBEL Prosecco is produced in the fully sparkling Italian spumante style. The process starts by harvesting the Glera grapes and gently pressing them to make a delicate, crisp white wine with only about 10% alcohol. After the first fermentation, multiple lots of the base wine are blended and filtered to prepare for the Metodo Martinotti sparkling wine process. The Metodo Martinotti process was invented in Italy, but is now known more popularly by its French equivalent, the Charmat process.

In the Metodo Martinotti process, the carbonation of the prosecco is achieved by a natural secondary fermentation in a stainless-steel tank. As the second fermentation progresses, carbon dioxide gas is produced, which builds pressure in the sealed tank. Eventually, the carbon dioxide dissolves into the wine. The wine is then filtered and bottled on specialized equipment that preserves the carbonation.

Korbel Prosecco

Korbel Prosecco

KORBEL Prosecco is produced and bottled entirely in the Prosecco DOC, Denominazione di Origine Controllata, located in north eastern Italy. The Prosecco zone overlaps much of Italy’s cool white wine growing regions, the Veneto and Friuli, and is located close to the famous medieval city of Venice. Here along the hillsides and valleys, the Glera grape thrives and provides local producers with the base wine from which prosecco is made.

Enjoy with

KORBEL Prosecco is all about lightness, tangy bubbles and fun. Keep the foods light and fun too. Canapes are perfect; try prosciutto and melon, chilled braised asparagus, calamari fritters and local artisanal cheeses. Or if you want to try something different, try KORBEL Prosecco with nigiri sushi.

Available sizes

  • 750ml
  • 187ml


Korbel Prosecco

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