June 1, 2018

Your Guide to Summer Garnishes

Garnishes are a great way to add both flavor and interest to your bubbly any time of year. Items such as citrus, dried fruit, and herbs can be used in all seasons to add that special something. With summer, however, comes the opportunity to incorporate seasonal fruit.

Add a little taste of the summer months to your KORBEL with a guide to garnishes!


Flavor: The perfect balance of sweet and acidic.

Pairs well with: KORBEL Brut Rosé.

Method: Starting at the end opposite the stem, slice three quarters of the way down the middle, and place on the rim of the glass.


Flavor: Peaches are sweet and juicy with a tart-tasting background.

Pairs well with: KORBEL Brut.

Method: Peel, slice, and place on the rim of the glass.


Flavor: Sweet and sour with floral undertones.

Pairs well with: KORBEL Extra Dry.

Method: Drop a few directly in your glass.

Add these garnishes to some KORBEL for one, or entertain a group with a garnish bar. Simply prepare the fruit, set out in serving dishes, and let guests get creative and garnish on their own. See our Mimosa Bar page for more inspiration!