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KORBEL California Champagne DIY Bar Cart

DIY KORBEL Champagne Cart

No matter the occasion, a champagne cart decked out with your favorite accessories is a fun way to ensure that you’re always ready to enjoy a glass of KORBEL. Plus, it’s a fashionable way to stay organized. All you need is a cart you love and a few accessories. Then you’ll be all set to enjoy your KORBEL wherever your get-together takes you!

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Pop The Corks…
We Are Open!

We are delighted to welcome you back to Korbel Champagne Cellars starting July 1, 2020. With safety as our primary concern, we will be observing social distancing and taking preventative measures to ensure that you and our employees are safe. We stand ready with new ways for you to enjoy our California champagne, Delicatessen and winery. Please read our complete Policies and Procedures before visiting our winery.


Advance tasting reservations are required: (707) 824-7319 or [email protected]. The Korbel Delicatessen is open for walk-ins. See menu here. Daily Delicatessen, Tasting & Wine Shop Hours: 10am – 4pm.

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Three friends pose for a photograph while at a rooftop bar for brunch.


No brunch is complete without a mimosa. And no mimosa is complete without KORBEL. Discover more brunch-able cocktails and entertaining tips.

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Meet the

KORBEL California Champagnes feature a range of varietals that are the perfect complement to every celebration – big or small. From dry to sweet, there is a KORBEL for every moment, mood and taste. Explore the family of varietals, and select a KORBEL that suits you!

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Friends having brunch

KORBEL is proud to be The Official Sponsor of Brunch.® From the invitations to what’s inside the most brunch-able cocktails, KORBEL is your go-to source on brunch. Start your DIY brunch here.

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Which Cocktail Are You?

Take our quiz to discover which KORBEL cocktail perfectly pairs with you! Share your results with friends, and enjoy these sparkling recipes below.

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KORBEL Wine Club

Have KORBEL California Champagne shipped directly to you, and be invited to special events.

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Summer Brunch with KORBEL Prosecco

A fruit-forward beverage featuring aromas of peach, pear, and lemon zest, KORBEL Prosecco is the perfect addition to any summertime brunch. Guests will love this versatile bubbly—whether it’s served on its own, mixed into a fruity cocktail, or added to a delicious snack. Check out some tasty ways you can incorporate KORBEL Prosecco into your summer brunch menu.


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