December 5, 2022

23 Tips for Ringing in 2023

Ringing in the New Year is always a cause for celebration! This year, start off your best year yet by throwing a party for your family and friends! With our 23 tips to start 2023, you’re sure welcome in a new year of happiness, love and fun!

  1. Spread the word about your celebration with an animated e-vite! Add the details of the night and an RSVP link to know how many guests you can expect.
  2. Invite a local fortune teller to attend your celebration and give readings to your guests on what they can expect in 2023.
  3. Sparklers aren’t just fireworks. Create KORBEL California Champagne sparkler cocktails to bring the fun inside!
  4. Create an Instagram-worthy photo backdrop complete with glitter, props like hats, boas, 2023 glasses, and of course, an instant camera to capture the moment.
  5. Give all your guests a noisemaker or confetti cannon to shoot off when the clock strikes midnight.
  6. Create a bulletin board with star-shaped paper cutouts for friends to share their 2023 resolutions.
  7. Assemble accessories for your guests to get into the New Year spirit (think beads, hats and all things glitter).
  8. Create a playlist to help countdown to midnight and start the new year grooving.
  9. Place jars of “midnight kiss” chocolate candies around the party to start 2023 on a sweet note.
  10. For an elegant touch, create a KORBEL California Champagne tower. If you’re worried about glasses breaking, you can always use plastic flutes!
  11. Don’t forget the snacks! Make a tasty pizza shaped into the year 2023 with premade pizza dough.
  12. Rent fun light features from your local party store to make sure the dance floor stays busy all night long.
  13. Set up a karaoke station for your guests to belt out their favorite songs and feel like a star.
  14. Create a midnight snack bar with bite-size snacks like pigs in a blanket, chicken nuggets and French fries.
  15. Put together a hydration station with water and electrolyte packs to ensure all your guests stay feeling great all the way to midnight.
  16. Create a signature mocktail for your friends who are choosing not to drink.
  17. For a cozy night, make your celebration pajama-themed.
  18. Stake 2023 balloons in the front yard and decorate your mailbox to make your party un-missable.
  19. Light a bonfire to give guests a place to warm up before getting back on the dance floor.
  20. Create a rideshare code so friends and family can arrive and depart the celebration safely.
  21. Fill balloons with confetti for an extra sparkly touch.
  22. Set alarms throughout the night to ensure you don’t miss the ball drop!
  23. Make brunch reservations for the next day for all guests to attend. If you can’t make reservations, host a brunch at home.