July 29, 2022

Channel Your Adventurous Attitude and Make It Gold

It’s not too late to find a new summertime passion! A fun way to show your friends and family what you’re up to this summer is by sharing your adventures online by creating Instagram Stories for them to follow along. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Play a game of backyard bocce ball. Share pictures of your team on IG or even give live scoring updates. Ask your followers to pick their favorite team and to cheer them on with you in the comments! Don’t forget the clever team names – that’s crucial.

Plan a summer road trip. Document your travels by taking a photo at each stop along the way for your Instagram Stories. Set up a poll sticker to see if your followers can guess your final destination.

Channel your inner food critic and try a new local restaurant. Take it one step further and order food you typically wouldn’t try. You might end up finding a new favorite meal! Pro tip: Make sure to snap a photo of the meal and post it – don’t forget to tag the restaurant!

Take a break from doom-scrolling and head out into nature to tackle a new hiking trail. This time, keep your phone in your pack and enjoy the beauty of nature. The fresh air and new sights are guaranteed to give you the mental reset you need.

At the end of your big day, continue your adventurous mood by trying KORBEL’s reimagined mimosas.

We have gathered some of our favorite  recipes to help you Make It Gold!