February 8, 2022

Gold is the New Black

Time to start focusing on getting ready for spring fashion!

Clearing out your closet can be a daunting task. Start simple by sorting your clothes in seasons and removing all the clothes you didn’t wear last year. Then, move on to items that no longer match your style and clothes that don’t fit properly. If you are on the fence about a particular item, turn the hanger around, and if in a few months it’s still backward – off to the donation bin it goes!

Once you have cleared out the old, you can start planning to bring in the new! Host a clothing exchange with a few close friends who have fun styles and Make it Gold with KORBEL Brut, KORBEL Brut Rosé and KORBEL Prosecco mini bottles for your guests to sip on while you shop each other’s closets.

Here are a few tips to hosting this fashion-forward event:

  • A clothing exchange can be just as much fun on a video call as it is in person.
  • Encourage your gals to bring gently used items that are no longer their style – leave your stained or holey items behind.
  • Create stations to keep it organized (start with jeans, tops, dresses and shoes).
  • Once you’ve traded fashion, donate the remaining items to ensure your closet stays organized for a new year of trendsetting.