July 29, 2022

Last-Minute Summer Bucket List

As summer begins to wind down, there is still plenty of sunshine and good times to be had before the fall weather rolls in. Check out our list of last-minute summer fun activities to do before the season comes to an end.

  • Go berry picking for fresh fruit to add to your KORBEL cocktail.
  • Take a weekend trip to a lake house. Enjoy time on the water relaxing, unwinding and resetting before tackling the next work week.
  • Create a “drive-in” movie theatre with a sheet and projector in the backyard and invite friends to come along. Pop fresh popcorn and bring out all the tastings for a “build-your-own-bucket” bar. Plus, the saltiness of popcorn pairs perfectly with the crisp flavor of KORBEL!
  • Hit up the local swimming pool with friends and family. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen and Instagram-worthy pool float!
  • When there’s a heatwave, check out a local museum for great artwork and cold air conditioning. Before you head out for the day, pop a bottle of KORBEL Sweet Rosé in the refrigerator so you can return to a refreshing treat.
  • Celebrate the dog days of summer by visiting a local pup-friendly patio with your pals. If you can’t find a dog bar near you, create your own in the backyard and invite friends (two and four-legged!) over for a relaxing night.

However you choose to wrap up the season, enjoy a refreshing glass of KORBEL and toast goodbye to summer 2022 and hello to sweater weather!