November 7, 2022

Pie, Oh My!

Thanksgiving is the season for being grateful, gathering with friends, and of course – the season of pie. Whether you opt for sweet or savory, there is a KORBEL California Champagne that perfectly matches what you’re bringing to the table.

Break out your rolling pins and chef’s hat because it’s time to get baking!

Classic Pumpkin Pie

The slightly sweet and insatiably savory Thanksgiving staple is the perfect match for KORBEL Brut. The balanced, medium-dry finish boasts aromas of citrus and cinnamon that enhance all the natural flavors of this timeless dessert. While most pumpkin pies don’t have a top crust, go the extra mile this year and create small decorative pumpkins from your leftover pie crust to add an eye-catching appeal to the table.

Nutty Pecan Pie

Bring southern charm to this year’s Thanksgiving feast with a pecan pie paired with KORBEL Extra Dry. KORBEL Extra Dry is a fresh, off-dry California champagne that is light, luscious and helps to cut the sweetness of a traditional pecan pie. Matching these two classics together will allow guests to return for a second slice and maybe even a second glass.

Tart Fruit Pie

Fruit-based pies are notoriously tart, bringing a refreshing touch to the sweet-packed dessert table. With the natural tartness, KORBEL Prosecco is this pie’s perfect match. KORBEL Prosecco is all about lightness and tangy bubbles that help to bring back a touch of sweetness to this dessert choice.