October 10, 2022

Toast Brunch with Clementine Lime Mimosas

Let’s toast to brunch! Impress your guests with a gorgeous spread of delectably sweet and savory tartines, such as ricotta, plum, thyme and prosciutto. We will pair with a simply delicious mimosa combining KORBEL Brut with zesty lime and clementine juice. Garnish with a fresh slice of citrus and Make Brunch Gold! 


Total Time: 1 hour 

Mimosa Ingredients: 

3 oz clementine juice 

2 oz KORBEL Brut 

Squeeze of 1/2 Lime 


Lime twist and clementine wedge. 

Toast Ingredients: 

#1 - Whipped Ricotta / Plums / Balsamic / Mint 

#2 - Cream Cheese / Avocado / Smoked Salmon and Shaved Cucumber / Chives, Sesame seeds and lemon zest 

#3 - Blue Cheese Spread / Prosciutto / Figs / Honey and Thyme 


Pour clementine juice in glass. Top with KORBEL Brut. Add fresh lime juice. Garnish! For the toast: Sliced sourdough topped with each ingredient.