September 24, 2014

Why méthode champenoise makes KORBEL better

Do you ever watch the countless bubbles dance to the top of your glass of KORBEL California Champagne and wonder, “How do they do that?”

All of our California champagnes are made using the traditional méthode champenoise technique. This labor-intensive process produces champagne that has undergone a second fermentation inside the same bottle from which it is served. The process produces smaller bubbles that rise more slowly than those of sparkling wines produced using other methods.

Korbel Winery has been using the méthode champenoise technique of producing California champagne since the 1880s. The process takes us nearly a year to complete, but we know that you will agree that the results are worth the wait. The taste of the méthode champenoise style is famous for its delicate nuances. It is also responsible for producing the dazzling bubbles found in every glass of KORBEL.